who made it

Sari Bari makes and sells beautiful, handmade, vintage sari products but it's more than that. The heart of Sari Bari is its women survivors of Kolkata's red light areas who have taken brave steps into new life, freedom and hope.

Each Sari Bari product is marked with the name of the woman who made it and with your purchase you become a part of her freedom story.


Our friend Aduri has an amazing eye for details and the steady endurance of a tree. We enjoy watching as she blossoms from time to time.

Freedom Birthday: December 2009


Quiet, but strong, Anima is driven for freedom!

Freedom Birthday: May 2012


Aparna brings a sense of peace with her wherever she goes.  She works hard to provide for her daughters, and her love for them overflows into every stitch she sews.

Freedom Birthday: February 2013


Friendly and kind. Arjina is a hard and determined worker. She has a great smile and loves to chime in with her share of jokes!

Freedom Birthday: December 2009


Aroti lends a quiet and steady presence to the rooms she is in. If you take the time to sit with her and listen, you'll be privleged to bear witness to her many stories and tales.

Freedom Birthday: July 2014


Sassy with a soft heart. She is a mother lioness and hard worker.

Freedom Birthday: February 2006


Adventurous and always excited to try something new. Arpita has a mother’s nurturing heart and brings a positive attitude with her each day.

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


Beautiful, kind and hardworking. We love our friend Asha.

Freedom Birthday: December 2007


Aysha may hold her cards close to her chest, but her smile is contagious! You won't be near her for long before your face lights up with a smile in response to hers!

Freedom Birthday: July 2014


She doesn't speak up much, but her mind is always whirring away. Sitting across from her you won't be able to stop yourself from asking, "Penny for your thoughts."

Freedom Birthday: February 2011


If you are sitting in the same room as Baroti, chances are you'll be laughing soon. She loves to tell stories and to share jokes and other anecdotes that will bring a smile to the faces of everyone around her.

Freedom Birthday: July 2014


Like the tortoise in the familiar fable of the tortoise and the hare, Bahanti's steadiness and reliablity inspire those around her.

Freedom Birthday: May 2012


Our gorgeous Sari Bari grandmother. If you need food she’ll feed you or if you need a hug she will be the first to embrace you. She is brave and protective, fighting hard for the freedom of those around her.

Freedom Birthday: January 2008


Smart, kind and tender, Bida stuns us with her brilliance and desire to keep going even in difficult circumstances!

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


Every office needs a social butterfly, and Binota is ours! We're so thankful to have her positive spirit, which creats a light atmosphere in the office.

Freedom Birthday: March 2013


She has a clear mind, a quiet spirit, and is determined to create a better life for herself and her family.

Freedom Birthday: February 2011


Sweet and funny she is always ready with a joke or funny story to make heavy days lighter, and her contagious laugh makes everyone smile.

Freedom Birthday: February 2007


A beautiful seamstress, she’s so good we asked her to train the other ladies. She mothers and leads with beautiful dignity.

Freedom Birthday: February 2007


Chayna is a gentle soul, teeming with strength.  This quiet determination overflows from her, motiviating her to work hard and bringing her success.

Freedom Birthday: December 2014


The speed of her stitching and her commitment to provide for her family are only matched by her bright smile.

Freedom Birthday: November 2010


Doli is a teacher at heart! She is patient, kind, and full of encouragement. She is so focused on her work that you won't hear her say much, but when she does speak up, it is a treasure of wisdom and perspective.

Freedom Birthday: May 2012


Confident and hard working, she loves her family and has an ornery streak that comes out when you least expect it.

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


When you first meet her, you might be tempted to think that she is timid, but after a few minutes she'll show you her passionate, fun-loving heart, mixed with her tenacious mother's heart, Drubotara is a treasure.

Freedom Birthday: May 2012


Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade. We make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but our business is freedom!  www.freesetglobal.com


Some people, like Fugiya, carry a presence of peace with them wherever they go, whatever they do. Her peaceful spirit is a gift to all around!

Freedom Birthday: May 2012


Gita loves to tell stories, and her strong voice can often be heard as she weaves tales of home, family, and everyday happenings and anecdotes.

Freedom Birthday: December 2014


She exemplifies a quiet strength. Though she doesn’t say a lot throughout the day, she has resilience and determination that speaks for itself.

Freedom Birthday: December 2009


iSanctuary products provide rehabilitation options for
survivors of human trafficking, both domestic and abroad. www.isanctuary.org


Passionate connector with all people. She has been a light for many girls that she has brought though the doors of Sari Bari. It is a joy to share life with her. 

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


A hard worker with amazing patience, her name means imagination, and we imagine a beautiful future for her.

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


She has a beautiful heart, is a great friend and a hard worker.

Freedom Birthday: June 2010


An enthusiastic go-getter, Krishna is quick with a hug, a smile, and is tenacious about learning.

Freedom Birthday: February 2012


Remember your favorite Aunt, the one that smells like fresh baked cookies and gives warm hugs? This is our Lokki, everyones favorite Aunt.

Freedom Birthday: April 2010


Focused and determined, she sews with a deep desire for freedom for herself and her family. She walks with natural confidence and a little dose of sass to keep things fun!

Freedom Birthday: August 2009

Laxmi KG

Young and impressionable, she is everyone’s little sister and we love that she has such a bright future ahead!

Freedom Birthday: December 2009


What a gift Lokhi's senstive heart is! She quick with a story and to share her heart, and if you pay attention, even for just a minute she will crack you up! 

Freedom Birthday: April 2012

Love Calcutta Arts

Love Calcutta Arts has arisen out of a desire to bring freedom to young girls who would otherwise be at risk of abuse.  As well as providing the girls with economic freedom, we also endeavor to rebuild their sense of dignity and self worth.  http://lovecalcuttaarts.com/


She laughs all day long. She tells great stories that keep everyone laughing along with her.

Freedom Birthday: June 2010


Our Sari Bari resident mother has a quiet leadership that holds us all together. We named our new sling bag after Minu because she, like most mothers, had a very strong opinion about it!

Freedom Birthday: February 2007


Lighthearted and hilarious, Mira's jokes and laughter spread joy to everyone she meets.

Freedom Birthday: April 2012


She is always thinking about her family and her future. Though quiet in nature, she exemplifies strength.

Freedom Birthday: June 2010


Mocheda has a story for every occasion. A good story too! Between her stories, and her absolute trust in others, Mocheda keeps the office in stitches.

Freedom Birthday: April 2012


She is always looking for a new friend, and her vibrant smile, and open heart are impossible to resist. Mousumi's dedication to freedom is breath-taking.

Freedom Birthday: April 2010


Mukti means freedom in Bengali and is the first name that every woman at Sari Bari is given. Mukti is every woman at Sari Bari!


Friendly and kind, she makes friends with ease and creates space for others to grow. The tote bag was named after Namita, because she has given many hours to making this bag special.

Freedom Birthday: September 2008


She may keep to herself, but don't let that fool you - Nisha is playful, a bit ornery, and has an unbelievably generous heart.

Freedom Birthday: September 2010


Thoughtful and sensitive, Nomita is a natural encourager and a gift of peace in our community.

Freedom Birthday: December 2009

Noor Jahan

Quiet, confident and lovely. We appreciate her hard work and kind smile.

Freedom Birthday: August 2008



Quiet strength and a beautiful heart. We love the way she leads the women by working by their side so that everyone succeeds. Our bamboo handle bag was named after Parul who perfected it and made attaching those difficult bamboo handles possible!

Freedom Birthday: July 2007


Full of attitude and sass, Priti has a tough exterior but a tender heart. 

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


She shows up for work everyday, without fail, and she works all day long. Protima is quiet, and her steady presence encourages everyone around.

Freedom Birthday: August 2012


Full of imagination and dreams for the future, Puja adds a sweet spirit to Sari Bari.

Freedom Birthday: September 2010


Tender, determined and loyal. We love Purnima’s quiet focus and friendly heart!

Freedom Birthday: August 2009

Purnima KG

Her gentle heart and sweet smile will brighten up any room.  She's slow to complain, and quick to ask about your day.

Freedom Birthday: September 2010


Full of joy and a willingness to embrace everyone. She is a wonderful, committed mother.

Freedom Birthday: December 2007


It's hard to say what makes Reba so endearing: is it her smile? Her stories? Or her eagerness to help out the other ladies when they're in need?

Freedom Birthday: September 2010


Always ready with a witty comment or a funny impersonation, Rekha adds laughter and life to Sari Bari, and isn't afraid to laugh at her own jokes.

Freedom Birthday: April 2010


Resident comedian and jokester. If you need a good laugh or a good cry spend time with Rina.

Freedom Birthday: December 2007


Rinku's light-heartedness and laughter bring people together. She is quick to share a smile, and you won't be able to help but smile with her.

Freedom Birthday: February 2011


A natural leader, full of patience and kindness. She brings the community together with strength and her compassionate heart. She now leads full time as the Assistant Manager at the new Sari Bari Unit.

Freedom Birthday: February 2007


Sadhona has a gentle spirit, and a smile that will light up the room. She's quite, and unassuming, and brings an air of peace into the room with her.

Freedom Birthday: November 2013


So quiet you might miss her overwhelmingly beautiful smile if you're not paying attention. She exemplifies peace and steadfast patience with herself and others.

Freedom Birthday: April 2010

Saraswati D

Saraswati has one of those laughs that brings a smile to your face, no matter what else is going on. Don't let her small stature fool you, Saraswati is a force to be reakoned with.

Freedom Birthday: March 2011


A compassionate tender heart. Believes in the dream for freedom and is walking with other women to bring them out of the sex trade.

Freedom Birthday: February 2006


Dedicated, focused and hard working, Shakina is a great sewer and dear sister.

Freedom Birthday: May 2006


Quiet and reserved, she takes steps toward freedom with grace and determination.

Freedom Birthday: September 2008


Dedicated and steady, she is making her way to a new life and some sweet sewing skills.

Freedom Birthday: December 2009


Shika is the life of the party. If you want to know the latest dance moves, or keep up with the newest fashions Shika is the one to check with. She'll make sure to keep your fashion in line with the times.

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


Wise and full of grace. We love her melodic conversation and attention to detail.

Freedom Birthday: February 2007


A patient young woman with a quiet and beautiful nature.

Freedom Birthday: June 2010


A wonderful dancer with a beautiful smile.

Freedom Birthday: December 2007


Our social butterfly is always looking for an opportunity to get dressed up. She easily finds reasons to celebrate, and encourages those around her to join in the fun. 

Freedom Birthday: February 2011


Our loving flower is shy, yet bold. She is a humble leader who is always ready with a smile even as she speedily works through the day.

Freedom Birthday: July 2007


She doesn't have a lot to say, but her hands are fast, her focus sure. Tagori is dedicated to working hard and earning for her family.

Freedom Birthday: February 2011


Brimming with life, joy, and laughter. She is a natural leader and incredibly hard worker. She lights up a room with her personality and spunk—even under the most difficult circumstances.

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


Laid back and quiet at first glance, but get to know her and you’ll see a great sense of humor and welcoming spirit that is incredibly valuable to our community!

Freedom Birthday: August 2009


With a soft heart, and a kind spirit, we are all lucky to know Tushi. She loves to hear a good story, and her gentle presence is a gift to all who cross her path.

Freedom Birthday: May 2012


Uma loves to learn and understand. She may be small, but her heart is huge, and her smile will stay with you long after you've left the prevention unit.

Freedom Birthday: May 2012