sponsor freedom

We invite you to partner with Sari Bari by sponsoring a new employee training session. With your sponsorship you can help a small group of women take their first steps toward new life in the making. Make a tax-deductible donation today!

Each new employee at Sari Bari goes through a six-month training period before they begin full-time work. During this time, the women learn to sew and receive valuable life skills that empower them to transition out of the sex trade. Each day of this crucial period of time involves many steps toward new life. The women need Sari Bari’s accompaniment and sponsors like you to help them take these steps.

Cost of training sponsorship

$120 US tax-deductible donation (or $20.00 per month for six months) 

What your sponsorship includes

Your sponsorship is for a training group (not an individual), in which we ask multiple sponsors to participate. The women in your training group will receive the following: 

  • A monthly stipend during the six-month transition period
  • Sewing classes and materials
  • Education in reading, writing, math, nutrition, life skills, mental health awareness and budgeting
  • Emotional support and play therapy
  • Parties to celebrate significant markers and achievements
  • A full medical check-up and new eye glasses if needed
  • A graduation gift

With your sponsorship, you will receive information about the training group and a progress report at the three-month and six-month marks. You will also receive the names that the women choose to sign on their blankets and bags, so you can stay connected to them.

As a token of our gratitude for fulfilling a six-month sponsorship of new life in the making, we will send you a free training bag. The stitching will not be perfect and maybe the color will not be your favorite, but it is a marker of a woman’s freedom, and a part of her story. We hope that you will make her freedom a part of your story too.

Why does it take six months?

Women who have been involved in the sex trade for any extended period of time have formed a sort of community in the red light area and made connections with long-term customers. Facing a new job and possibly a new place to live is almost too much for them to take at once. Throughout the six-month transition period, Sari Bari staff who have gone before them—in partnership with Sari Bari management—are able to affirm their choice for new life and be their cheerleaders. The women’s self confidence is built through their newly learned skills, lots of celebrations, long conversations over shared meals and sewing, and confidence-building tasks like learning to sign their name to their first paycheck!

Many of the women arrive at Sari Bari with few sewing skills and it takes a full six months of hard work for them to become artisan producers who create handmade works of art. We treasure their growing confidence as the months of training progress and love their small outbursts of joy as they accomplish new skills and use those skills at a faster pace. One of our favorite days is the first blanket party where we celebrate the women’s accomplishments and gift them with their first blanket. Their first blanket is marker of a life that is becoming new and something that they can take home to remind of what they have accomplished in such a short time.