Sari Bari benefits

Sari Bari provides the benefits of employment that can help a woman achieve freedom for herself and her family. We are committed to providing:

Fair wages

We ensure that the women who work at Sari Bari receive fair wages that are higher than the market wages—a fair wage provides more than a hand-to-mouth living; it offers a way out of desperate poverty.

Reasonable work hours

We operate on a 40-hour work week from 10am to 7pm Monday-Friday so that women can have opportunity for rest and time at home with their families.

Health care

Every employee has access to health care and is covered by a Sari Bari health insurance plan.

Education benefits for the children of employees

Women receive education benefits for their school-age children. Schooling in India is not free—all schools charge admission fees, book fees, uniform fees, etc., so Sari Bari ensures that school-fee support is more than enough to cover the cost of education.

Paid holidays

All Sari Bari employees receive 25 paid holidays per year.


Sari Bari, in partnership with the Indian government, provides retirement benefits to all employees.

Loan payoff

Sari Bari is committed helping its employees find freedom from debt. Because predatory money lenders charge interest rates of 600 to 1,000 percent annually, it is impossible for debtors to ever pay off their loans. Upon completion of training, Sari Bari pays each woman’s debts in full (this applies to personal debts only—we do not buy women out of the sex trade). The individual then pays Sari Bari back at no interest with a low monthly payment that fits within their budget.

A safe work environment

We are committed to providing a safe place for women coming out of the sex trade. Each woman is treated with dignity, kindness and respect.

Paid stipends during training

Each woman receives a stipend during their six-month training period prior to full time employment. The training period includes education in sewing, reading, writing, math, mental health awareness, budgeting, nutrition and play.